mardi 20 juillet 2010

Joli mois de juillet

Dress : Ifigenia
Hat : Vintage
Shoes : Second hand
Ubrella : Zebra (Holland)

dimanche 18 juillet 2010

Shirt : Comme des garçons
Jean : H&M
Bag : Vintage
Boots : vintage Riding boots

Silver Spoon bracelet: Ifigenia;
Chanel ring; random; vintage rings and another random bracelet..


Yesterday, my hair decided to go on strike.. Impossible to stile it! thirsday i'm going to the hairdresser's.. No no, not to have a huge cut like in decembre..I'm not crazy, I dream of long curly blond hair, so I ll have to be patient..
Here's a quick look of my outfit of yesterday.. Enjoy !

Top : Mango
Short : Ifigenia
Shoes : vintage Santiags
Ifigenia+vintage bracelets, Chanel ring.

vendredi 16 juillet 2010

Long Grey Tee

Long Tee : Mango

There is nothing better than to relax on a beautiful sunny day like today.. A long grey, big Mango tee, which falls off one shoulder.
That goes perfectly with the holidays which I have just spent! Swimming pool, sun, and of course good food... What do you want more... A handsome boy? Aha...

I don't have a lot of time these days, the clothes creation.. so don't have many possibilities to post.. it's a slow beginning for a blog, I know and I apologize for it, but that is going to change! I don't really know when.. but it will!
Well, have a nice day!
Bye !

lundi 12 juillet 2010

A good beginning

Hello ! I' going to intoduce myself...
Well... I'm Ifigenia, 18 Years old, going to 19 (yeppy!!). I'm now in my last high school year, in France, after that, I am going to study in Holland (where I come from). I would like to study Fashion or go to an art school.. I don't really know yet. I think that you see my english isn't very good.. I'm not english so thats why. I hope it ll get better very soon, (maybe with your help?) blablablablabla... I haven't much to say about myself.. Oh yeah something important: I'm making/designing clothes, for myself, my friends, and my shop..