lundi 30 août 2010

Tonight is gonna be alright ...


Tee: Mango
Pants: Jacqueline Riu
Bag: Second hand

Shoes : Pimkie

Necklace: H&M


Bracelet: Jade & Random

Bracelet: Ifigenia

Last time I went shopping with my sister and her best friend, I just felt in love with these "coral orange" carrot pants from Jacqueline Riu, but I had no monney to spend anymore... But I hadn't seen the price, which was very very small, and realized that they could become mine !! So here
they are..with me !!

3 commentaires:

  1. Really nice! i like the red trousers and the accessories!

  2. Hey!You look so slog sweet!Your blog & outfits are great :) I thought you were greek since your name is greek :)
    Anyways, I'll follow you for more fashion updates :)