dimanche 12 juin 2011

I'm Back !

A whole year has past now, and i'm talking to you again.. Why didn't I write to you? I didn't have enough time.. And I'm afraid that it will be like this until the 23rd.. I have to pass my Baccalauréat (High school diploma), once it is done, I ll have all the time I want to write to you and spend time with my friends and boyfriend (of course) ! I can't wait! i'm realy looking forward to the end of school !

What changed since last year ? Well, I cut my hair, had it pink :); I'm now pierced and tattooed, I pierced my smiley (you can see it on the photo, that tiny thing hanging in my mouth :P ); and tattooed those two little hands on my shoulder! I'm so happy with it! what else..? Don't know.. 
Well, talked enough! 

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